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Our Methodology

UptrendHits stands alone by offering a unique and award-winning value proposition. Utilizing techniques found at companies such as McKinsey & Company and Deloitte, we have created a methodology specifically catered towards high performance marketing and management. We are laser-focused industry experts capable of increasing Clients' market share and profitability. It all begins at discovery where we immerse ourselves in your business to uncover its true potential.

Our Proprietary Methodology Maximizes Digital Marketing Investments

STEP ONE: Create Digital Financial Plan to assess Client’s digital business. Identify and prioritize solutions most likely to achieve goals.
Independent analysis conducted by all Advertising & Brand Development service teams (paid search, SEO, site usability/design, social media, mobile, video, remarketing, etc.)

Individual teams present what role (if any) their service plays in achieving overall goals
Client Strategists define service mix, suggested investment and key performance indicators (KPIs)

Client is presented a marketing roadmap best suited to achieve objectives
STEP TWO: Implement Flipped Funnel Marketing investment model.
Implement lowest risk initiative with the greatest upside potential

Launch controlled pilot program utilizing marketing sprints (minimal investment)

Micro ROI analysis to quickly gauge attribution & KPIs



Rinse & Repeat (add the next lowest risk initiative)

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