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Accelerator Program

A successful startup ecosystem is the direct result of the people it has brought together for a common goal.
The rapid pace of creative disruption in today’s global economy makes the ability to launch and grow a business a challenge for any size company. Early stage companies in particular often lack key personnel and a well-rounded team of seasoned experts to guide the execution. We have the horsepower to take on the toughest challenges and help a company reach its full potential. The uptrendhits Accelerator program is highly sought after by early-stage companies and their investors for it’s ability to provide strategic guidance, foster growth, minimize risk and maximize return on marketing investments.
Do you have a viable product or service selling in the market – but seek that edge to scale the business? Find out if you qualify for this program, send us a message and share your story.
Clients in our accelerator program are associated with great organizations such as:
Our Proprietary Methodology Maximizes Digital Marketing Investments
STEP ONE: Create Digital Financial Plan to assess Client’s digital business. Identify and prioritize solutions most likely to achieve goals.
Independent analysis conducted by all Advertising & Brand Development service teams (paid search, SEO, site usability/design, social media, mobile, video, remarketing, etc.)

Individual teams present what role (if any) their service plays in achieving overall goals.
Client Strategists define service mix, suggested investment and key performance indicators (KPIs)

Client is presented a marketing roadmap best suited to achieve objectives
STEP TWO: Implement Flipped Funnel Marketing investment model.
Implement lowest risk initiative with the greatest upside potential

Launch controlled pilot program utilizing marketing sprints (minimal investment)

Micro ROI analysis to quickly gauge attribution & KPIs
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